Summer Camp Program

Coming Summer 2023

Our summer camp program is affordable to parents and provides them the ability to let their children, ages 5 to 13, enjoy a fun-filled camp that will provide a safe and healthy environment for our campers. Our camp will also provide certifield teachers to care and provide an enriched learning experinece in a fun and interactive way. Campers will be exposed to different fieldtrips where they will learn and have fun! We will give our campers the opportunity to grow through our program. This program will be an experience our campers will cherish for years to come.

Sports Program

We deliver successful Sports Programs within schools in Palm Beach Counties, which focus directly on the needs of Elementary, Middle & High School students. We teach and improve the fundamentals of basketball to our youth and help them excel in their skills to the next level. We help build strength, ability, skills, motivation, and most of all build confidence.

Delray Blazers was founded in 1997 by MAD DADS (Men against Destruction Defending against Drugs and Social Disorder) for troubled teens in the streets of Delray Beach. Coach Kevin Huggins was then hired by MAD DADS to run the Blazers basketball program. Basketball teams and Tutoring Programs were formed to keep kids that were involved in street gangs and other undesirable activities off the streets.

This program has proven methods that go beyond sports. Our goal is to take younger kids and train them not just in sports and academics but also to help them become leaders within their communities.

The Blazers Travel Basketball was the reward for those kids that achieved and maintained a GPA of 2.5 or better. We stress education, discipline, respect, and trust. Since the program’s inception, the Blazers have had 17 college graduates with several athletes playing professional basketball, baseball, and football. Currently, the Blazers have 6 boys’ basketball teams in grades 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11 and one girl’s 6th-grade team.

After-School Program

In our dedicated Delray Beach facility, we conduct activities daily that build confidence and encouragement, such as academic tutoring, goal setting, and basic life planning skills. We are always actively marketing and targeting the at-promise youth from the area, who want to excel academically, but don’t always have family or other social support to do so. One of the after-school offerings that we provide is Chess Club, led by James McCray.

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