Founder Martintoch Mark Roseme

In 2005, I Martintoch Mark Roseme started an organization called “Triple Threat Inc.” D.B.A. The American Academy that Specializes in Serving Our Youth and Our Community.

I am the proud founder of The American Academy, a 501C-3 non-profit organization which I initiated in 2005 and which now strives to help disadvantaged at risk youth, through academic tutoring, athletic coaching and life skill teachings. I have been teaching and helping kids for over 15 years. Within this transcript I will be sharing my story.

At 16, I found myself with no adult supervision and had the sole responsibility of caring for my three younger sisters and 1 younger brother. This unfortunate position made life difficult and as a result, my life was going in the wrong direction. However, a few months later, a chance meeting with a caring and dedicated coach convinced me that I could have a better future. It was the first time I had any adult instill in me the hope and confidence that I could have a great life. With his guidance, I forged on and later that year, completed my degree at American Heritage High School. My life was changed forever. I even went on to complete some college courses and become a productive citizen in my community.

Currently, I am employed by Imagine-Chancellor School as the Athletic Director. I am a dedicated father to my two children, dedicated member of our church and part-time basketball coach, all of which provides me a great opportunity to positively influence kids’ lives. However, I want to give more to the disadvantaged kids, just as a coach did for me long ago.

The American Academy accomplishes their important mission in a number of ways. For example, over the years, we have coordinated basketball tournaments, through collaborative efforts with the Roots Festival in Delray Beach. In the past, Shaquille O’Neal has assisted The American Academy in this event. The proceeds from this tournament were donated to our youth Travel Basketball Team. As a result, Boca News supported The American Academy by identifying the organization as one of Boca News’ favorite charitable organizations. In addition, The American Academy received a “Letter of Appreciation” from the Palm Beach County Mayor, Ms. Lois J. Frankel and in 2013 Palm Beach Post named me South Florida Black Leaders of Today and tomorrow.

The American Academy also initiated and led the Domino’s Pizza Platinum Fundraising Event, which supports the coordination of after school programs for the Forest Park Beacon Center in Boynton Beach Fl. For our efforts, The American Academy received a “Certificate of Appreciation” for helping to build a better future for their students.

Admin Stacy Harris

Stacy Harris was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. She has a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology and a Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design. She worked in sales and administration for seven years before becoming a stay-at-home mom for five years. She has been teaching elementary education for the past four years. She has 11-year-old twins and has resided in Florida with them for eight years. She has had many opportunities to help the local communities, like tutoring at-risk youth, making and serving meals for the homeless, and conducting and organizing outreach events. She comes to American Academy Learning Center with a vast background in many avenues to help administrating, marketing, and social media. She is very excited to extend her work with children into the community, beyond the classroom, and their lives after school work.